Friday, December 18, 2009

I can't run but I can paint......

The Avalon 50 mile race is scheduled for January 16th. Yes, I am signed up for it. No, I will probably not be running it. I've crossed the finish line there seven times so far. Running long distances is my passion. My idea of a perfect day is spending a good six hours running trails. It's been a crazy year injury-wise. It's not was I was expecting when I started out 2009, but then again, the best laid plans.......

So I decided to take up painting. I've never done anything like this before and when our local community magazine came around advertising events here in town, I saw the beginners painting class and thought, why not? I needed something that was not dependent upon running for enjoyment. It is a lot of fun! My 'studio' is our deck overlooking the ocean. The lighting is pretty good there. My 'Muse' is our little black cat named Ruby who loves to sit in the chair beside me while I paint. From the ashes, sometimes something new can be born.

I still plan on going to Avalon and according to how the body progresses, I would like to at least hike the first 25 miles of it. I will let you know how it goes. Join me if you'd like!


  1. ohmygosh, these paintings are wonderful!!! And the view from your deck is so lovely. I allowed my eyes to feast on that for awhile and allowed myself a mini-vacation in my mind. You really have the gift ... and it inspires me. Keep it up! :O)

  2. Don't sweat it. Let the knee heal up right. You'll be back at it before you know. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'll try and check in on your blog from time to time. Take care and Merry Christmas from the Heartland.

  3. I love your paintings!!! The color of the sky is the same blue as the real might never have discovered your talent if it hadn't been for your injury. I see you running at Avalon.. and painting it!