Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Years Goal

A New Years Goal is hatching in my brain.

I got inspired by a story I was reading in The Surfers Journal magazine about two young men (early twenties) who paddled from Santa Barbara to Mexico. They used paddle boards which are designed for paddling either on your stomach or on your knees. They packed all their gear onto the boards and camped on beaches along the way. The Surfers Journal is packed with fun adventurous stories like theirs.

The idea of adventure for the sake of adventure appeals to me immensely. When I was a kid I loved comic books and reading about the characters various adventures. I remember asking my Dad one day "Daddy, when will I have adventures"? He was a big adventurer himself, being a pilot by trade and loved traveling to foreign countries. I also love endurance events and especially love an event that few people are interested in. That's probably why I love ultra marathons so much. But long distance running is not happening for me right now, due to healing up this knee. So, why not Stand Up Paddle from Laguna Beach to San Diego?

The first thing is, I don't own a Stand Up Paddle board. The second thing is, I've tried it only once, with a rented board at "Baby Beach" in Dana Point. Baby Beach is pretty much what the name implies.

I spoke to my husband, Kerry, about the idea. He is the quintessential water man, so he was all over it. I checked into the mileage. It's 65 miles. That doesn't sound like much to the ultra running community where races are routinely 50 or 100 miles. But being out in the ocean, with no control over the elements? Paddling through San Onofre where the three Great White Sharks, Sparky, Archie and Fluffy live? (yes, they have names) Sounds like an adventure to me!

Angela, my darling, you have to work. So, unless she can get time off from work...... We will probably take a week off to enjoy the adventure. I personally don't know anyone who has done this on an SUP, though I think there must be. We are eager for suggestions as to how to make the journey. We will have to paddle through Camp Pendleton Marine Base as well. Does anyone know the rules on that? Daddy, I think I found my next adventure!


  1. That sounds like a great adventure!! Isn't it fun to think of epic journeys and then dream about completing them? If you can dream it, you can do it! Thanks for a great blog, Angela and Jen.

  2. I smiled when I saw that Kelly has already commented on this! While reading this, I kept thinking.. "kelly would LOVE this!" ha! Hope you do it!