Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lower Heart Disease While Enjoying Life!

After my pity party yesterday, I got up this morning and went to Shelley's spin class. What a much needed endorphin fix! I desperately needed to remember the good stuff about my workouts, so I got out some of my race medals collected over the past several years. I may not be running 50 miles tomorrow, but I will be doing that again soon!

Angela got a bit delayed on the Smoothie Formula Diet as she had to borrow the Vita Mix from her sister, but finally got it going. She made her first drink this morning, the Pineapple Enzyme Smoothie, and loved it! Now we are a team. It always helps to have a workout and diet buddy to motivate each other.

Tonight it's off to San Shi Go in Laguna for dinner with surfer boy. I am looking forward to some healthy seaweed, of course wrapped around the other good stuff. There's a reason why cultures who eat seafood and sea vegetables have a much lower incidence of heart disease. Do you think it also has to do with the sake? Maybe we should find out!

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