Monday, December 14, 2009

Reach out and kiss someone!

Good Monday Morning!

We got our Christmas tree over the weekend, did a ton of holiday shopping and of course, more wonderful holiday parties with lots of eating thrown in.

So, this morning it was off to spin class to burn some calories and rev up the metabolism. The classes are really fun. They play great music and I have a smile on my face the whole time.

We are going into week two of the smoothie diet and still have some of the ingredients from last week to finish up, so we made the Pineapple Enzyme Smoothie once again. Delicious! There are so many amazing ingredients used in these formulas that we would never eat on their own and I am having a fun time researching the benefits. The Pineapple Enzyme Smoothie includes parsley, which gives the drink its color. Let's take a look at some of the health conditions which eating parsley improves:

· Anemia: Builds up the blood because it is high in iron. The high vitamin C content assists the absorption of iron

  • Bad breath

  • Blood vessel rejuvenation: Maintains elasticity of blood vessels, and helps to repair bruises.

  • Digestion: Parsley is an excellent digestion restorative remedy. It improves the digestion of proteins and fats therefore promoting intestinal absorption, liver assimilation and storage. Because of its high enzyme content, parsley benefits digestive activity and elimination.

  • Dissolves cholesterol within the veins

  • Fatigue: Parsley is high in iron so helps repair and provides components for better blood cells.

  • Gallstones: Helps dissolve them.

· Glandular support of the liver, spleen, kidneys and adrenal glands.

  • Hormonal support: In women, parsley improves estrogen and nourishes and restores the blood of the uterus. Conditions like delayed menstruation, PMS, and the menopause (dry skin, irritability, depression and hair loss) can often improve.

  • Hormone balancing is achieved through the volatile fatty acids contained in parsley.

· Immune booster: The high vitamin C, beta carotene, B12, chlorophyll and essential fatty acid content render parsley an extraordinary immunity enhancing food. Parsley is an immune-enhancing multi-vitamin and mineral complex in green plant form and one of the most important herbs for providing vitamins to the body.

  • Inhibits tumor formation, particularly in the lungs

  • Kidneys: Parsley is effective for nearly all kidney and urinary complaints except severe kidney inflammation. It improves kidney activity and can help eliminate wastes from the blood and tissues of the kidneys. It prevents salt from being reabsorbed into the body tissues; thus parsley literally forces debris out of the kidneys, liver and bladder. It helps improve edema and general water retention, fatigue and scanty or painful urination.

  • Liver congestion: It enriches the liver and nourishes the blood. Parsley helps reduce liver congestion, clearing toxins and aiding rejuvenation.

  • Menstrual irregularity: Parsley helps to make the cycles regular by the presence of apiol which is a constituent of the female sex hormone estrogen.

  • Spleen strengthening: The parsley root in particular strengthens the spleen, and can, therefore, treat malabsorption.

  • Weight loss benefits from being a diuretic

Wow! What a list! The one I like the best is the fresh breath benefit. I think I'll reach out and kiss someone today. How about that cute surfer boy husband of mine in the picture? Cheers!

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