Monday, December 21, 2009

Breaking News from the National Enquirer

In a bizarre twist of events, a woman gives birth to a 3 pound 7 oz. baby chihuahua. Some say it's a holiday miracle, others claim it's a hoax. Expiring minds want to know. Was it an immaculate conception? Perhaps A.I. ? (you have to be an equine enthusiast to understand that abbreviation) The facts are not exactly clear but Mother and Baby are doing well. The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, will only tell us that she was minding her own business in a cantina in Guadalajara, Mexico, when in walks a traveling salesman who also happened to be a good looking Chihuahua. (she later confided that he was a bit of a dog) Family members have mixed emotions. The woman's 13 year old nephew, Liam, describes the situation as "Disturbing" A baptism for the baby whose name is Victor Jose Snaggles is scheduled for December 25th at Our Lady Of Perpetual Tears Catholic Church.

editors note: this story was inspired by the photograph taken last night at our Christmas party. Happy Holidays to All!

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