Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ready & fueled to outrun mountain lions!

Woke up feeling so energized from the excitement of starting the new "healing smoothie" program. We had a huge storm here in Southern California yesterday. Much needed rain but I felt like our little 1940's beach bungalow was going to blow away! The whole house was a shakin' and a rattlin'. My little Min-Pin, Rusty kept jumping up and barking thinking someone was at the door. It really did sound like someone was rattling the doorknob and trying to break in. Quite exciting!

I decided to go on a hike this morning. It's always so beautiful when the storm clears. I'm still not quite running, just running the uphills some, healing up this knee. But, I better start running soon because look at what I came across on the trail. Does anyone know what a Mountain Lion print looks like? I know they live out here and I have trail buddies who have seen them, but I have yet to be so lucky.

Then it was back home to the anti-inflammatory and energy smoothies. If a Mountain Lion can run 30 mph, what would I do? 40 mph!

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