Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why wait for the New Year? We're getting healthy now!

Angela called me yesterday and wailed "Mom, I've gotten off track with my diet. Help!" Her call couldn't have come at a better time because my sister just turned me on to this wonderful recipe book called
Smoothie Formulas by Jeff Primack. It's got 95 healing smoothie recipes designed to cure everything from Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Autism, Weight Loss, you name it. Or if you don't have any of those diseases the smoothie formulas work to create a high level of health. It's based on the premise that food is medicine and uses a VitaMix or BlendTec blender to break down fruits, vegetables and herbs such as rosemary and cilantro much better than any humans teeth ever could, thus releasing the enzymes and phytochemicals necessary for vibrant health.

We have decided that starting next week, we are going to focus on two to three smoothie recipes per week until we have tried all 95

We will keep you posted as to how we feel. We are really excited!


  1. I've been drinking the smoothies from this book for 3 weeks now and they've made a profound difference in the way I feel. Within 15 minutes I feel more energetic, my skin looks smoother and I've even dropped a few pounds. This is also a great way to cleanse the body of toxins as the fiber and water push everything through! Food, real food, is medicine and consuming phytochemicals is the key to vibrant health.

  2. This is so inspiring! My boss has been making us smoothies for a few months now and I am wondering if she gets her recipes from this book! Wishing you much healing and success with your knee!!

  3. Thank you Shawn! More smoothies to come. We gotta do something to counteract all this holiday eating!