Saturday, October 31, 2009

Keeping Workouts Fun - Halloween Style

Happy Halloween Everyone!

One of the things that keeps me motivated to stay in shape is not just because I want to fit into that latest pair of designer jeans, but because I want to have fun! What better time of year to do that than during Halloween when we all get to dress up and be someone we're not (or wish we could be). Every year, our surf club, Blackie's Classics in Newport Beach hosts the annual "Surf in Your Costume" Halloween Bash.

Now I know that not all of you have access to the ocean, but if you do, give surfing a try. It is a phenomenal upper body workout, it works your abs and of course, tests your balance. Plus, if you're a female, like me, you get to check out all the cute guys in their wetsuits. That's how I met my surfer boy husband. Every year for the Halloween event, we dress up in some type of matching costume. This year, we decided that he would be the butler and I would be the upstairs maid. I talked him into wearing his real tuxedo. Here's how the conversation went: "But I spent hundreds of dollars on that tuxedo" to which I replied "How many times have you worn it, and how many more times will you wear it? Now's your chance!" Another one of my pearls of wisdom: Don't save the good china and special occasion "stuff". Today is the day!

Today is the day to get in shape! And next time you are in Newport Beach on Halloween, come join us for the Halloween Bash. I promise you a great time. And you might even get to meet King Neptune!

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  1. Well hello friends!

    What Jennifer neglected to tell you is that we recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of finishing the Arkansas Traveller 100 mile endurance run! Yes, we ran for over 28 hours in the hills of Arkansas and finished this amazing race! Soon we will post the pictures to prove it! Best of all, we celebrated with the 94 mile treat - pumpkin pie!