Friday, September 25, 2009

Stand up Paddle Boarding

Hey there everyone! So iv always wanted to try stand up paddle boarding and last week i finally got to do it! And it was so much fun and a great work out to! The way you do it is you stand on the board which is a little thicker than a long board, and holding the paddle with both hands you pretty much just paddle as you would expect. The cool part about it all is that your getting a great upper body work out at the same time. You also get a lower body work out to because you have to keep your balence so it makes you tighten your leg muscles. As well as being a good work out it is also very peacful and relaxing, i really hope that everyone can get a chance to try it at least once because it is a really fun experience!

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  1. I live in south Florida where we rarely have waves for surfing .When I go into the ocean it's to swim laps or to snorkel. There's also great diving at Pennekamp Park in the Keys but I'm too much of a wuss for that. Last Sunday I had my first stand up paddle board siting. I'm now so "stoked" to try this sport. It's perfect for our east coast waves.